About the #RevolutionaryToken



Throughout history, tokens have been used to finance revolutions. In our days, non-violent #Revolutions of IDEAS are still required to defeat some of humanities most formidable enemies: tyranny, corruption, abuses of authority, poverty, and ignorance.

Following the footsteps of patriots and revolutionary heroes--and making use of the latest innovations in blockchain technology--we created the #RevolutionaryToken.



The #RevolutionaryToken is the World's First Crypto Token created to raise support for revolutionary leaders that dream of a better world and that fight to make their dreams come true.

It is the first application of blockchain technology to leverage fundraising efforts of think tanks, NGOs, and social enterprises.

IDEAS Labs IMPACT Accelerator and CapchainX, through the creation of the #RevolutionaryToken, opened a new space where FinTech solutions can be put to the service of society.



The #RevolutionaryToken project will have an important impact in, at least, three dimensions:

  1. Education of the general public about blockchain technologies and its uses, through the process of acquisition of a #RevolutionaryToken.
  2. Opportunity for experimenting with cryptocurrencies without the risk of loosing your money (1 #RevolutionaryToken is worth $10.00).
  3. Possibility of acquiring a collector's item: a #RevolutionaryToken. Only 10,000 #RevolutionaryTokens were issued.

Our goal

$0 USD
(0 tokens)
Total Raised

The tokens

Each token has a converted value of $10.00

  • 1 token: $10.00
  • 25 tokens: $250.00
  • 50 tokens: $500.00

Step by step

Here are the steps (along with instructional videos) to purchase a#RevolutionaryToken:

  • 1
    Setup Metamask or Ledger (Ethereum based wallets)
  • 2
    Purchase the tokens via MyEtherWallet.com
    See video
  • 3
    Verification that tokens are purchased
    See video


Ideas Logo

IDEAS is the Institute for Business Development and Social Action, a private, independent, and non-partisan non-for-profit that functions as a knowledge management unit to conduct applied research and analysis to promote independent causes, private and market-oriented public policy solutions to contribute to improve competitiveness, innovation, and economic growth, in Latin America, and, at the same time, designs strategies and takes the necessary steps to promote their implementation.

About IDEAS Labs

IDEAS Labs IMPACT Accelerator

The IDEAS Labs IMPACT Accelerator has a positive impact on people’s lives through the strategic design for the implementation of private and public solutions for complex social, political, and regulatory problems, using a ‘creative destruction design process’ with 10 components.


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The Blockchain Disruption


Thank you for believing in our #Revolution of IDEAS and
for supporting its revolutionary leaders.


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